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Helping you ensure your company’s survival

By septembre 16th, 2022No Comments

prepare the next generation in a family business or the sale of that business;

increase their profitability;

improve their productivity;

better understand financial statements, cash management, the cost of growth and borrowing capacity;

obtain a management diagnostic;

discuss the business’ diversification; and

access other services according to the business’ needs.


7 reasons to work with our team:

  1. our services are free and confidential;
  2. our team consists of multidisciplinary specialists;
  3. we have an extensive network of private-sector and public-sector contacts, and special contacts at every level of government (municipal, provincial and federal);
  4. we can serve as a development and funding lever for your business projects;
  5. we work as coaches, which means that you retain ownership of your decisions;
  6. we monitor emerging sectors and are involved in most major business projects throughout Gatineau; and
  7. we are an NPO mandated by the City of Gatineau. Our main goal is to guide you through your business project.


Contact us!

Contact Christelle Pary, Business Advisor, to assess how we can help you: 819-243-2345, extension 7738.


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