We help Gatineau businesses with strong growth and wealth creation potential:

  • access expert advisors and a network of partners to address human resource, administrative, technological, manufacturing or market development issues;
  • prepare financial forecasts;
  • connect with partners, research centres, suppliers, specialized consultants and other local resources;
  • obtain funding from our programs, provincial and federal assistance programs and our knowledge of other financial partners;
  • review or update their business model to accelerate their growth;
  • develop a commercialization strategy to develop new markets;
  • relocate;
  • obtain technical support in preparing a strategic plan or a funding plan;
  • participate in trade fairs, targeted training and economic missions;
  • benefit from the advice of a mentor thanks to our mentoring program, administered by our partner organization; and
  • access other services according to the business’ needs.

7 reasons to work with our team:

  1. our services are free and confidential;
  2. our team consists of multidisciplinary specialists;
  3. we have an extensive network of private-sector and public-sector contacts, and special contacts at every level of government (municipal, provincial and federal);
  4. we can serve as a development and funding lever for your business projects;
  5. we work as coaches, which means that you retain ownership of your decisions;
  6. we monitor emerging sectors and are involved in most major business projects throughout Gatineau; and
  7. we are an NPO mandated by the City of Gatineau. Our main goal is to guide you through your business project.


Contact us!

In order to obtain our services, simply contact our business advisor via monGPS.ca at 819-921-1477 or email us by clicking here.


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