ID Gatineau helps Gatineau businesses set up, consolidate and expand, by providing them with strategic and financial guidance, to maximize their performance and create sustainable local jobs.

We also seek out new investments in collaboration with numerous partners to help enhance the diversity and dynamism of the region’s economy.

In brief, we are a qualified and multidisciplinary team that is fully committed to Gatineau’s growth and prosperity.

Our mission

ID Gatineau has been mandated by the city of Gatineau to assist and guide businesses in order to encourage economic development, diversification and to create wealth throughout the city of Gatineau.

Our vision

ID Gatineau, its Board of Directors, and its team of professionals are recognized by the business community and partners as a key organization for assisting businesses and entrepreneurship due to:

  • its ability to work with partners and different local stakeholders in providing effective services that meet the needs of Gatineau businesses;
  • its professionals’ expertise and attitude when it comes to guiding private-sector and social economy businesses;
  • its innovative measures for providing assistance adapted to the needs of new or expanding businesses;
  • its role as a facilitator in implementing wealth generating business projects;
  • its positive results with businesses that promote Gatineau’s economic development and diversification; and
  • its extensive knowledge of Gatineau businesses and of the tools and levers available to start up, consolidate or prosper.

Our values

COMMITMENT to act proactively and deliver an exceptional client experience.

INTEGRITY through ethical conduct in carrying out our duties, in our decision-making processes, and in our accountability.

CREATIVITY in introducing exemplary and innovative practices that benefit Gatineau businesses.

DISCIPLINE and EFFICIENCY in providing top expertise in collaboration with all of the private and public sector resources and partners, in particular Gatineau’s educational institutions, and in the introduction of performance indicators that enable it to measure its progress and results.


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